About The Rentables

The Rentables takes a fundamentally different approach to rental property listings to deliver the most relevant, accurate and comprehensive housing information to anyone at any time.

Relevant - Explore vs. Search

Instead of tedious search forms, TheRentables presents all available units in a specific region, and provides simple interactive filters to narrow results. These filters make it extremely easy and natural for users to make trade-offs between location, price, unit size and other characteristics.

Comprehensive - Everything at Your Fingertips

The Rentables is packed with features that aim to both enrich and simplify the rental search experience. We have included measures to ensure our content is highly structured, and present all of the relevant details of each listing up front. Our structured content allows you to add a property to your Favorites list and compare your choices side-by-side.

We understand the importance of location, and that's why we integrated Google Maps and Street View (where available) into the Explore the Neighborhood section. Is the bus stop really as close as advertised? Take a virtual walk around the property using Google Street View and see for yourself.

For landlords using our site to list units we provide anonymous messaging, free photo hosting, easy link sharing and many other features to make your online rental advertising a breeze.

Be sure to check out the Q&A section for more information on all of the great features The Rentables has to offer.

Simple - Rental Listings Made Easy

Finding a place has never been easier. Using The Rentables map based rental search and simple interactive filters, you'll be able to pinpoint the perfect place in seconds.

To make online rental advertising simpler for landlords and property managers, we offer a streamlined posting process and a fully featured back-end system to manage multiple rental listings from a single interface. We also offer The Rentables Publisher API allowing our users to showcase their own properties using the great features of The Rentables within their own website.


The site you see today is the product of a few young men who became frustrated with other online rental listing services. In our process of looking for our first apartments after graduating from university, we were each forced through lengthy searches and then told to call for availability once we found places we liked. Whenever we searched online, we generally didn't find what we were looking for: properties available for rent.

After speaking with other young people in our shoes, we realized many others shared our frustrations with the existing rental listing sites. We then spoke with property managers and found they also shared many frustrations with the posting process. At this point we realized there was an opportunity to improve the experience for users on both sides of the fence, and decided we would create a better way.

With our vision in place, and months of hard work behind us, The Rentables was first launched in Boston where we began a public trial of our system. After our initial testing in the Boston area, we quickly expanded throughout the United States and Canada during the summer of 2009. Since the launch of our website we have helped over 100,000 landlords with their online rental advertising needs. With our continued innovation, The Rentables will take online rental search and advertising to the next level.


Our mission at The Rentables is to provide an incredibly useful site for tenants by simplifying your rental search while providing the most relevant and up to date rental listings, and for landlords by offering the best rental listing service to help you rent out your properties with ease.

Feedback Wanted

We hope you enjoy both the usability and simplicity of our site. Whether you are a tenant seeking the perfect place or a landlord looking to find the perfect tenant, our goal is to make that process as easy as can be. If you have an idea for a great new feature to make things easier, or just want to tell us what you like or hate about our site, we'd love for you to drop us a line: feedback@therentables.com.