5 Fastest Ways to Get Evicted

eviction-noticeEviction may seem like an easy way to get out of a troubling predicament concerning your rent, but it is not a cheap solution to your problems in many cases. However, if you’re sick and tired of living in your apartment, there are several things you can do to get yourself evicted. Eviction notices are sent to anyone who the landlord wishes to vacate the premises because of troubling or financial issues.

1. Adopt a Pet if Your Renting Complex is Pet-Free

You should never adopt a pet just to spite your landlord. However, if you’ve been thinking of adopting a pet because you truly think you will benefit from having one and you are fully able to provide and care for the animal, adopting one is an easy way to get evicted from your renting complex assuming that it is pet-free. Many apartments and rental homes are very strict on their no-pet policy. Pets are often looked upon as dirty and destructive when landlords decide to rent their properties. While cats may go unnoticed for quite some time, adopting a large dog that has a habit of constant barking is a sure-fire way to get evicted.

2. Play Loud Music or Instruments

Turning the volume up on your stereo is a perfect way to annoy other tenants, who in turn will report you to the landlord. Several instances of this will most likely get you evicted. Alternatively, playing an instrument, such as a trumpet, will cause a disturbance to other tenants. Be especially careful when using this method to get evicted, since “disturbing the peace” is a crime which can give you a fine or even a brief jail sentence.

3. Cause Damage to the Property

Causing significant damage to the property will result in almost immediate eviction. For those who have children, this damage may occur without them even wanting it. And though this method is an easy way to get evicted from the property, tenants who cause the damage will more than likely have to pay for repairs, causing an added fee.

4. Overcrowd the Apartment or Rental House

Many rental complexes only want a certain number of people living in the house or apartment. If you want to get evicted from your property, invite your friends and family to share the living space with you and do not hide the fact that they are all living there. You may be asked, nicely, to tell these added tenants to leave. However, if you allow them to keep living there, eviction will more than likely follow.

5. Stop Paying Rent

Landlords are in the business of making money by renting the properties they own, it’s simple to understand. The only way landlords can make money is by collecting rent from their tenants. Consider this the #1 way to get evicted.

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