About The Rentables

The Rentables takes a fundamentally different approach to rental property listings to deliver the most relevant, accurate and comprehensive housing information to anyone at any time.

Relevant – Explore vs. Search

Instead of tedious search forms, TheRentables presents all available units in a specific region, and provides simple interactive filters to narrow results. These filters make it extremely easy and natural for users to make trade-offs between location, price, unit size and other characteristics.

Accurate – Real-Time Data

In addition to free listings posted by private users, TheRentables is fully integrated with the leasing systems of several property management firms. This means every unit listed as “managed” on our website is guaranteed to be available; and the moment the unit is rented out, it is removed from our search results. We offer both Autopilot (an extensible management back-end system) and a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to address the needs of larger property owners.

Comprehensive – Ultimate Convenience

TheRentables is packed with features that aim to both enrich and simplify your home finding experience. We have included measures to ensure the content is highly structured, and present all of the relevant information for each listing up front. Structured content allows you to add a property to your Favorites and compare your choices side-by-side with your other favorites property you like.

We understand the importance of location, and that’s why we integrated the Google Maps and Street View into the Explore Your Neighbourhood section. Is the bus stop really as close as advertised? Take a “walk” in the Street View and find out yourself.

In addition, TheRentables includes features such as anonymous messaging, picture gallery, easy linking, and many more. Be sure to check out the Q&A section for more information.

TheRentables Story

This site is the product of a few young renters that were frustrated with other online listing services. In our process of looking for apartments and properties, we went through lengthy searches and once we got to the results, we were told to call for availability. Not only did this take too much time and cause frustration, we generally didn’t find what we were looking for: properties available for rent. There had to be a better way.

We asked ourselves “why is it necessary to complete a series of complex steps before getting to see what we want, only to find out many units were unavailable?” Many of these steps are completely unnecessary – we just wanted a list of units available for rent in a specific area, and the ability to narrow this list down based on our preferences. We just wanted to see what was available immediately, without having to call some company, without wasting time on the phone trying get more information. Our thought process was simple – I know what I’m looking for, you either have it or you don’t, so let’s not make it any more difficult. We reasoned that many others must share the same frustration and decided to create the system we all wanted to use ourselves.

At the same time, we thought: why not give individual users all of the features that big managing companies get to use? And why not do it for free? So we integrated Google Map technology, Street View, picture galleries, and private messaging into our site for all visitors to use at no cost.

After speaking with various local property managers, we learned that they too were frustrated by the process. Having middlemen made advertising online difficult and costly due to lack of direct control over their listings. With that, we asked ourselves, why not eliminate the middlemen? Why not make this process faster, give landlords all the features they want and leave them in control. It now made even more sense to us – let’s connect tenants and landlords directly, no strings attached.

Some say that simplicity creates the ultimate design, and we couldn’t agree more. With TheRentables, we’ve made the process of advertising and searching for rental properties as simple as possible for both renters and property owners. We removed all the unnecessary steps and included only the features required to create a remarkable user experience.

With our vision in, and months of hard work, TheRentables was born. We hope you enjoy the simplicity of our site and the powerful features we’ve created. After all, our goal is to bring you value. We’d love to hear from you, so if you have any feedback on how we can serve you better, please send us an email!


TheRentables Team