Fun Patriotic Ways to Make Your Home the Star

patriotic craftIf you are one of “those” who love to decorate your home for each holiday, there are many patriotic things you can do to decorate for Independence Day. One doesn’t have to spend a lot of time or go to a lot of expense to decorate.

In fact, I keep my favorite things I’ve made to decorate for Independence Day (and can be used for other patriotic holidays too) and just add fresh, easy things that are needed each year.

patriotic flowersOutdoor Spirit
We spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer and many of us celebrate the 4th of July in the front or backyard with family, friends and neighbors. Some strategically placed flags and some colorful flowers can do wonders to bring great curb appeal and add color. Flags can either be stored or bought fresh to be used in flower pots, flowers beds and on your porch to welcome visitors.

Quick and Easy Crafts
If you have kids, this is a great project for them to help get done. I’ve used my patriotic holders for multiple years or just update with new, fun craft things I find on clearance throughout the year. These can even be fun crafts  to do during those winter months and just store away until it’s time to show them off! When it’s time to display your holders, simply fill them with welcome mints to put in the entryway, in the kitchen to hold salt & pepper shakers, napkins or even utensils for easy reach when serving food.

More Elaborate Décor
Those more formal dinner parties need a touch of patriotism too! You can use pre-purchased chair covers and add a patriotic ties or napkin to the back of the chair. All it takes is a little creativity, some focus on the elements and some colorful plateware and you can make a Patriotic setting that will put anyone in the mood to celebrate!

It is always fun to decorate and entertain during each holiday. However, if you have an outdated kitchen or limited counterspace, it can become more of a chore than a celebration. If your kitchen needs a remodel, be sure to get an expert opinion so they can help develop a plan that will help you best utilize your kitchen and turn your space into your dream kitchen just in time for the next holiday!

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