Important Things to Remember When Landing Your Next Apartment

Now that you have made the choice to further your education, you need the perfect home away from home. There are a few things to consider when you are looking for your own place.


Choosing the right location is an important factor for anyone that is looking for an apartment or house to rent. Depending on personal preference, one might want their home or apartment close to their school. This is a good choice for people that plan on spending a lot of time on campus, or want to be close to the amenities such as study centers or the library.

For those that want to escape the hectic campus life, living further away is a wise idea. One of the benefits of living away from campus is that the travel time can be used for getting your mind ready for classes in the morning, or for unwinding after a stressful day of study. Take a moment to see if there is alternative transportation available if needed.

Choose Wisely

When choosing a house or apartment that you plan to rent, avoid renting the first home that you view. To find the best home, make three or four appointments to view a variety of choices. By looking at a few selections, you have a better chance of finding a place that perfectly meets your needs.

Read the Fine Print

After a rental is selected, it is important to read the rental stipulations carefully. It is a good idea to brainstorm a list of questions or situations that might occur during your rental period. Carefully create a list of possible situations and read the contract to see if the issues are covered. If you cannot find an answer to a question, you should ask the landlord directly and have the questions and answers recorded in the contract. A few things to consider are the length of contract, eviction procedures, repairs and liability, cohabitation issues and the rights of the tenant.

Keep a Rental with Good Roommates

For some, the thought of growing up and having a place to call their own is exciting. Many times students realize that the cost of renting is more than they can afford; or they might become lonely. When this happens, often a roommate is brought into the residence. Reading your contract carefully should reveal whether or not a roommate is allowed.

Remember when looking for a roommate to find an individual that you are compatible with. Look for someone you feel is responsible and avoid those that prefer a party over responsibility. Be aware that the primary renter is normally held liable for all damages and unpaid rent in the event that a roommate decides to move out. Some landlords will add an additional fee to the rent if a roommate moves in, which remains in effect if the roommate moves out. Reading the contract and maintaining open communication with the property owner prevents problems for both the owner and the landlord.

Furnishing On a Budget

For the college bound individual, finances are tight. Along with finding the perfect apartment or home to rent, you still need money to furnish the residence. Locate furniture and appliances by searching garage sales, craigslist, the community buy, sell and trade and by looking through online classifieds. Attractive, affordable furniture is easily found by searching on a daily basis.

College students have a lot to think about. When they search smart and explore options, the process of finding the perfect home is easier than they might think.

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