Introducing Help Me Rent Magazine

hmrlogoMost users start their search online these days, but print is still a popular form of advertising for rental housing. Recently we had the opportunity to connect with a new publication called Help Me Rent Magazine. Their new publication will be launching within the next few weeks in 32 different regions throughout the United States.

New Print Technology

Print advertising is traditionally a slow process but Help Me Rent’s technology allows management companies and individual property owners to go straight to print with their advertisements. Their system is way ahead of industry standards and gives companies an edge in getting ads for new vacancies to print quickly. The publication and technology behind it is for more than just rental information; Help Me Rent will be bringing back print to the world.

Pricing & Distribution

Landlords will be able to advertise with Help Me Rent Magazine for as low as $9.95 with color photos and direct contact information. Best of all, the magazine will be free on stands to reach a broad tenant base. The magazine has over 37,000 distribution partners including a distribution partnership with the Westfield Malls. Their mission is to assist and stop foreclosures, and they are also the first rental magazine that allows landlords to list townhouses, condos, and vacation rentals without commitment.

Cool Benefits

The up to date technology allows for watermarking of company logos if they choose to add Help Me Rent’s we”Print Button” to their own website. This allows for Real Estate Agents to keep within the guidelines of their own companies, while giving them an advantage with their own listings.

Launching Soon!

Help Me Rent will start accepting ads from Landlords on May 1st, and you can learn more about this new publication at

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